What is solfege?

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Solfege is musical reading, and it is one of the most important elements of the musical education process, concerned with educating the beginner the foundations and rules of reading and musical notation, and thus qualifies the student for all levels and specializations of music to deal with the types of musical compositions, whether lyrical or mechanical, as it represents a scientific and technical basis on which the musical creativity processes are built In the aspects of composition, playing and expression, and accordingly the importance of solfege comes as an essential structural element in music education.

Solfege Objectives:

1- Owning the novice to study music the primary elements of how to write and read the science and art of music.

2- Preparing the music student to receive knowledge of the different forms of melodic relationships of sounds, types, methods and methods of rhythmic structures of musical forms with their various values ​​and temporal amounts.

3- Identifying the methods and types of expressive performance terms in preparation for applying this in the fields and disciplines of performance and actual implementation in playing or singing, in advanced stages.

4- Communicating the cognitive aspects related to the impact of melodies in different forms on the human soul.

5- Shedding light on the differences between the practice of music through listening or picking up and memorization compared to the practice based on scientific grounds.

6- Encouraging young people of both sexes to start practicing music on scientific grounds.

7- Feeding society with a special kind of intellectuals working in the artistic community.

8- Raising the musical taste abilities of music practitioners.

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