Nameer Company is considered one of the leading companies and pioneers in investing in the field of arts education in all its branches, and because we believe that the arts are in fact a manifestation of freedom and a human activity that expresses the identity of societies, the plans and programs of Nameer Arts Company came in response to the requirements of the strategic vision of the Kingdom (2030 ) whose sun shone on all areas of life, including the areas of music and arts. Building and reconstructing the community’s conscience is one of the most important axes on which the vision of the Nameer Art Company is based, by creating and providing the appropriate atmosphere to create an artistic educational environment that contributes to building the community culturally and thus achieving happiness and community balance.


Nameer Art Departments

visual arts

It teaches science and visual arts

theater and acting

It teaches science, theatrical arts, and acting

Our philosophy..

At Nameer Art Company, we believe that art has a close relationship with science. Science and art are two sides of the same coin. The splendor of the audio, visual and sensory coordination represented in the laws of nature and the creativity of the Creator, Glory be to Him, are manifested in them. If the role of science is to discover those laws, classify and express them in mathematical formulas that lead to applications Practical, the role of art, in all its manifestations and manifestations, is to express the beauty of this wonderful harmony in various parts of the universe. Artists with practical and academic experience in various fields of art


the investment side

Selling musical instruments, renting studios, theaters and exhibitions to many destinations


aspects of training

Providing appropriate training for all those wishing


field of music education

Scientifically refine musical talents through in-depth study in theory and practice


The field of artistic culture

Organizing and organizing technical seminars and music listening sessions


entertainment side

By organizing and hosting concerts and musical performances


service aspects

Providing public and private services in the musical arts

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