Visual Arts Department

The Department of Visual Arts is concerned with teaching visual arts and sciences in a variety of ways and includes theoretical study and practical training in the following fields:

  • Fine Arts
  • industrial design
  • Graphic Design

The company was based on the experiences of many friendly countries with experiences in many Arab countries and the experiences of some European countries.

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Vision  Visual Arts Department

To be a pioneer in the education of visual arts and sciences in all its forms, and to preserve the Saudi Arabian heritage according to an advanced scientific methodology.



Preparing professional and qualified artists to assume national responsibility to advance the artistic movement.


Developing a balanced and integrated personality of the artist in thought and behavior, developing his talents, and creating a spirit of innovation and creativity in him, by blending heritage and contemporary.


Providing service and scientific and technical advice in the field of plastic arts and its development, linking this to the development of the civilization of the Arabian Peninsula, highlighting the cultural value of the arts of the Arabian Peninsula, and linking it to the modern Saudi heritage.


Preparing artists armed with general knowledge in a scientific and artistic way of thinking and analysis

Study system and duration

Study system: It is implemented according to the credit hour system followed in the Music Department of Nameer Art Company in the form of courses.
Duration of study: Six courses (six semesters) The duration of the course is two months.

Visual arts departments

The Department of Plastic Arts and Sculpture offers a range of courses in the following fields:

  • Drawing (lead and charcoal).
  • Drawing and coloring (watercolor, oil, acrylic, wood, pastel).
  • Principles of classical Arabic calligraphy
  • The foundations of clay formation, such as sculpture or pottery works
  • Origami drawing principles
  • Principles of drawing using the rison method

Department of Voice and Singing, which specializes in teaching the skills of Arab and Western vocal performance, both individually and in groups

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Go ahead and realize your dream of learning the fundamentals of visual arts.