The human voice  (definition, training, guidance)

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The human voice  (definition, training, guidance)

The human voice is an important means of expression used by man, in addition to other means such as the face, eyes, hands, feet, and the body as a whole. Therefore, man uses the voice in various aspects of life, including the use of voice in singing as a classy image associated with human development, where you know the human being. He used to sing and employed it before he was introduced to the language of speech. The use of the voice reached its maximum levels when it was linked to the various functions of life. The human voice is the only musical instrument with complete elements, and the methods of its use, employment and tasks vary, and breathing is the first source of sound.

The singing voice is developed like any other musical instrument, in terms of issuing tones and pitches, which are calculated with extreme accuracy with regard to the number of vibrations that determine the tone of each sound issued. It is the characteristic on which the amount of air pressure depends.

The human voice needs several elements to complete the process of its development and maturity, including basic and secondary factors, as well as science and knowledge such as history, culture, anatomy, psychology, various tools of expression and modern trends in musical styles and their impact on the voice.

The voice has a specific amount in the number of vibrations that enables a person to speak, which results in thick, sharp or medium layers, so it is required to choose the appropriate area for speech so that the vocal cords are not affected by too much tension or too much relaxation.

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