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Culture, its components and characteristics:

Culture is the summary of man’s interaction with his environment. It is an overlapping and intertwined fabric of knowledge, customs, traditions, rituals, social and religious systems, and spiritual, literary and artistic values, which man acquires by virtue of his belonging to society, which constitutes the personality of the individual and the identity of the group, as it is the fruit of a dialogue that extends through centuries. It represents an ancient heritage and a renewed reality. It links the past, the present and the future. It is a summary of the experiences of peoples with all their components, religious and political systems, social systems, values, customs and arts.

Culture is acquired, unlike nature, which is an instinctive thing that man is born with and shares with other living creatures. The  journey of culture starts when mankind interact with his environment’s resources to transform it, by his acquired knowledge, to a useful form to assist him to perform jobs he needs in his life.

1- Culture is a living entity, just like the human being.

2- Culture is a mirror, we see others through our culture, as we see ourselves through our culture, and we often think that we are the bravest people, the most generous people, and we see the universe through our cultures, and to the same extent others see us, as they see the universe through their cultures, and therefore the difference Visions generate a clash of cultures. Hence we need to focus on intercultural dialogue on the basis of mutual respect and the conviction that every culture is worthy of life, as it is the best expression of its society and respect for its people.

3- Culture is a genuine creativity that expresses the idea of ​​the community, and it is the gateway to equality. There is no society without culture, and there is no culture better than another. Bedouin culture is the best in the desert, and the culture of the sea is the best in the marine environment. Culture is life. .

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