sound characteristics

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خصائص الصوت

sound characteristics


The sound has several elements and factors that control its types and methods. It has four important characteristics and features that play an important role in detailing, diversifying and shaping the outgoing sound, which are as follows:

Frequency and vibration (Frequencies )

The frequency of the sound is a characteristic that determines how sharp or loud the sound is. The fewer vibrations, the louder the sound. The higher the number of vibrations, the louder the sound

Time: Rhythm

It is the time that elapses during the performance of the sound. This property determines the length or shortness of time (time value) that elapses during the performance or execution of a musical sound. The unit of measurement is called the scale.

the sound power:Intensity

It is the property on which the sound depends in terms of strength or weakness, and it is a vital property that enriches the elements of tension and release. Through it the attention and focus of the listener is attracted.

character Tone color

Different expressive tools differ in the version of music that varies between the human voice and musical instruments, Each sound made by a musical instrument has a special color and character. In terms of the set of modulations of vibrations emitted during singing or playing, If a certain sound comes from several different instruments such as the clarinet, piano, oboe, violin, or chanted with the human voice, It is noticeable that there are clear differences in the color of each sound. Even if it issued consistent or uniform tones.

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