Human Voice   Resonance Resonance

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Human Voice   Resonance Resonance

Resonance is the interference and propagation of the frequency of sound waves within the sound system, where the process of processing the sound vibrations through several processes in which the throat, then the oral cavities are involved, and then it is translated into a resonant and bright sound with a luster and bell.

As for the sound device, it is like a resonant box that works to amplify and amplify the sound waves, and it consists of two types of pockets or resonant spaces that are divided into two types:

  1. Fixed resonant cavities such as, forehead cavities, perinasal cavities, chest cavity.
  2. Movable resonant cavities such as the oral cavity, the roof of the throat, the space between the jaws and the true and false vocal folds.

The difference in the resonance of the human voice from one person to another is due to differences in the shape of the head and its vocal contents, as is the case in the case of musical instruments.

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