Music notation

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Music notation

Since ancient times, man has endeavored by all means to reach the most successful ways and methods for transcribing his music. Music writing has gone through several transformations until it reached what it is today. The importance of blogging comes in several aspects, including:

– Helps memorize musical compositions of all kinds from loss or alteration.

– It helps the author to reconsider his compositions more than once until he brings them out in their last form.

– Through the recorded works, musicologists who work in the field of analysis, measurement, comparisons, research and distribution of different groups, Read the musical text and listen to it while it is written on the notes before sending it to the band or orchestra.

Musical notation helps preserve the heritage of nations and peoples from being lost, obliterated or distorted. Research and studies have proven the loss and loss of many musical and lyrical works and compositions. ، There are several examples of this, One of the ancient musicians, Isadore Von Seville 560-636 CE, said: “Music perishes as long as the mind cannot remember it, nor can it write it.”

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