Human Voice Singing and Breathing Respiration

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Human Voice Singing and Breathing Respiration

The idea of ​​breathing while singing is not different from it during normal or natural speech, but singing requires more effort to fulfill some additional aspects that do not appear in speech. Singing usually:

  1. It is sharp and thick in different places and areas.
  2. It needs a large amount of air stored in the lungs to be used at the right time as required.
  3. The amount of air released during exhalation is controlled so that the singer can fulfill all the technical requirements related to the implementation of a lyric composition according to a specific vision.
  4. There are several steps that must be followed to achieve a proper breathing position while singing, such as:
  5. The feet are fixed on the ground, with one foot on the other for more balance.
  6. The knees are slightly relaxed and do not cramp.
  7. The spine is erected high and supported on the legs.
  8. Relax the shoulders.
  9. The height of the rib cage is forward in the direction of singing.
  10. Position the head horizontally and look straight without leaning in any direction.
  11. The hands and arms are completely down.
  12. The weight of the body is distributed evenly on the feet.
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