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 Writing the music blog on the computer

The computer-assisted music notation program is an important program for every professional musician, student, researcher or amateur educator. It helps in many aspects, the most important of which are the following:

  1. Blogging in an easy and correct scientific way.
  2. Providing the process of music transcription by safe and fast means.
  3. Enables Manipulating of the recorded musical material with instruments of exact scales and of equal outputs, regardless of the timing of the manipulation, the type of pitches, or the type and nature of the recorded music (European, Arabic, African and others).
  4. It provides advanced capabilities in the aspects of printing blogs of all kinds.
  5. It helps in designing and preparing the music, as opposed to composing or arranging melodies.
  6. It provides the feature of electronic musical accompaniment using the sequencer feature.
  7. Designing the pages of the music blog in a beautiful form that is comfortable to look at, easy to access, and easy to perform.
  8. Providing the feature of musical execution by means of the audio sound processor (Audio/ Midi), which are factors that provide high level expressive properties.
  9. Save time and capabilities in producing printed and recorded music in a short time and with high quality, more than ever.
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