Globalization in music and the precedent to globalization

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What distinguishes music from the rest of the arts and other sciences is that it has been known as a mathematical science that construct the rules of melodies. It is also an acoustic engineering that consists of tones expressing the reflection of life aspect on our souls (Hafez, 1988, p. 1), also it has been defined as “melodies are recorded and read as easily as we read the words that we speak or write, To read music and understand this reading, knowledge of the symbols that organize it is required.” (Danhauser, 1972, pg. Thus it becomes a unique fabric among human knowledge that is difficult to be defined as a science, art, or language, but it touches various aspects of human knowledge in which several definitions meet.

Music preceded all sciences to the world. Every person has experienced practicing music at some stage of his life. It was mentioned in the book “The Art of Voice Education and the Science of Tajweed”, that The cry of a newborn does not indicate his pain, but rather an aid to the breathing process and vocal psalms that were not has used yet, and the regularity of the screaming movement in the child is caused by the regularity of the breathing movement, so screaming and movement or musical terminology (melody and rhythm) are the first signs of life (Abdul-Khaleq and Hafez, 1984, p.) In its comprehensive sense, it has been reached through many experiences that man has gone through in his life journey, and thus those concepts of their own were formed, that is, globalization came in a later stage of music in its various arts and colors compared to the rest of the other sciences that fall within the scope of economy, trade, capitalism, media and modern technological breakthroughs.

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