Philosophy of art and the relationship of art to nature, man and science

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The most beautiful thing we can feel is the feeling of the mysterious side of life represented by that deep and mortal feeling in the cradle of art and true science, and that he who can no longer feel wonder or amazement about them, is almost dead man with his eyes turned out. Albert Einstein – The World As I See It

Al-Ghazali once said, “Whoever is not moved by spring and its flowers, the lute and its strings, then he is corrupt in mood and has no remedy.” / Ihya Ulum al-Din

I intended to quote from two sciences that represent two different civilizations and belong to two different eras, so that this quote would be an introduction to the topic of this article “The Philosophy of Art and the Relationship of Art to Nature, Man and Science”.

Art has a close relationship with science, for science and art are two sides of the same coin, because science and arts are representing the splendor of audio-visual coordination imply in all aspects of life and in which the creativity of the Creator, Glory be to Him, is manifested. so if the role of science is to discover these laws, classify them, and express them in mathematical formulas that lead to practical applications, the role of art in all its manifestations is to express the beauty of this wonderful harmony in various parts of the universe, for art and science are a treasure buried in the depths of each human soul.

In my opinion, a person is born knowing everything, but he does not have a machine to communicate with us as adults, to express what he or she knows, That’s mean that the child lives in the unconscious stage, where is the true memory in which the absolute truths and the values are stored and very well defined, these true knowledge was impeded within our souls during our pre-physical existence phase,when God Almighty taught Adam the true knowledge in which that made the angels fall to him prostrate. The child begins his journey in discovering the conscious mind, which begins constructively day after day with the accumulation of experiences and learning the ABCs of communication in order to communicate with peers among human beings. And as the conscious mind grows the unconscious mind shrink, till it disappears in some hopeless cases, only some people could access the unconscious mind through deep dream, and some people are lucky to be inspired by an intrinsic source of creativity, those are artist and scientist

Therefore, learning and practicing the arts is considered a window into the realms of the subconscious to quote something from the absolute beauty that lies in the depths of the human soul

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