Vision 2030 and the historic opportunity

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Since I was a child, I have been wondering about the reason for the prohibition of music, even though it is just a harmonious, palatable sound that the soul enjoys before the ear, and the infant dances to its melodies as if he had memorized these melodies by heart, and likewise the camels enjoying the song of the rider when he express his longing on the rhythm of camels steps, Waddling over the desert sands.

This hidden link between music and life always amazes me and makes me wonder and always search for what music is and how it has such a profound impact on both the human and animal psyche alike. Some studies – extreme – say that music affects plants as well.

I am not a Jurist “faqih” in the classical sense, i.e., I did not gain an understanding of the religion at the hands of experienced jurists in the inherited jurisprudence from ancestors, and I do not claim to be a jurist in the religion, but I have a deep belief that the true religion does not contradict the instinct that God has placed in the depths of each one of us. What good instinct approves of is permissible, and what It disdains is forbidden and a sin that violates the innocence of humanity by which God distinguished man from other creatures and by which we are entrusted with the trust that was offered to the heavens, the earth and the mountains, but they refused to carry it, and the oppressive mankind carried it, and there are taboos that the reason for its prohibition is not understood by common sense. God has clearly stated it in his book.

Yes, man is unjust and ignorant, when he forbids himself what God has permitted and narrows the wideness of beautiful options, and when he commits sins and sins while thinking that he is doing well, but you can imagine, dear reader, how many permissible things have been forbidden and criminalized throughout the ages just for the sake of suspicion or misunderstanding, either with the intention Or unintentionally.! The intent may be that the unjust human soul is not free from.

And how many passions that have ravaged the inherited religious jurisprudence throughout the ages, as for the unintentional, it is the result of ignorance that deludes its owner that he is following the straight path as he walks in the labyrinth of ignorance, and those whom the Qur’an expresses as “those whose efforts have gone astray in the life of this world while they think that they are doing well.” “.

Oh God, do not make us neither of these nor of those, and guide us, God, to the straight path from which no one can deviate, and fix our intentions, show us the truth as true, and grant us to follow it, and show us the falsehood as false and help us to avoid it.


This is an article from the heart and I hope it reaches the heart. I do not want it except to present an opinion that has always haunted me since I became aware of this existence, but this opinion was severely suppressed by the prevailing social system at the time, which was strict to the point of convulsion when one initiates a question or doubt about How valid and proven or definitive is the forbidding of music, for example, or about the validity of imposing the niqab as a legal veil for women, or the permissibility of women driving a car? Yes, the dialogue was cut short before it began, and silence was the only recourse.

Now the young prince, the pioneer of change and the godfather of the Kingdom’s strategic vision 2030, has announced that we will not wait for another forty years under the shadow of strict ideology and that there is no place among us for those who impose their strict opinion on others, the climate has become appropriate to transcend narrow ideas and move towards achieving a bright future for our society that deserves us A lot of care and work to repair the shortcomings that plagued any human society.

Today, I can write and express my opinion completely freely without being subjected to the brutal bullying that was practiced on everyone who thinks outside the traditional narrow pattern. Those “mujtahids” have sinned against society when they forbade what God has permitted, starting with the prohibition of music and ending with the prohibition of women driving the car, and between them there are many issues by which they impeded the movement of society towards progress and identification with contemporary life, simply because of a narrow understanding of its context, and jurisprudence Irrational and imposing guardianship is unjustifiable except for a feeling of superiority and a belief in the monopoly of certainty.

Yes, I am not in favor of permitting music, but there are restrictions that music and art adhere to ethical frameworks and that the content of the artwork be positive so that it helps spread ideals and consolidate positive behaviors among members of society.

Religion is higher and greater than being monopolized by an individual or group or monopolizing by one human group without the other. Religion is the nature of God upon which He created the heavens and the earth and all other human beings. Heavenly, which unites all races and races, regardless of their languages ​​and legacies, and rootes in them the love of all humanity, the unified religion that unites all these scattered pieces of human heritage during the journey of the struggle of good and evil that all human societies share.

Someone might say, “Where is that monotheistic religion of all the religions that you are talking about?” Is it in Judaism, in Christianity, or in Islam, or is it present among the Sabeans, and the most pronounced statements in the Sabeans, and God knows best, the saying of Mujahid and his followers, and Wahb ibn Munabbih: They are a people who are not on the religion of the Jews, nor the Christians, nor the Magi, nor the polytheists, but they are a people who remain upon their nature, and there is no established religion for them to follow and follow. That is why the polytheists used to denote the Sabean who embraced Islam, meaning that he had departed from all the other religions of the people of the earth at that time.

Some scholars said: The Sabeans who were not informed of the supplication of a prophet, and God knows best. That is, the term Sabian may include all followers of the three non-heavenly religions.

Where do we find that religion? We find it in the last version of religions the religion with which religions were sealed and no religion emerged after it, the final religion that copied its teachings and the purity of its source all the religions that came before it, the religion that accommodates all races and absorbs all cultures and frees man from ignorance and attachment to everything that is relative. This judgment is not a subjective judgment issued by his affection, because I was born a Muslim, so Islam is

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