Music, arts and the hoped-for cultural renaissance

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Arts and Music in 2023

Music, psychological and behavioral balance

It is a given to me – and if some disagree with me – that teaching music creates balance for the individual. And increase his educational attainment. This is what recent studies have proven. But the influence of music goes beyond that. It was found that music has an effect on animals in terms of improving mood. Thus improving production. On cow farms in Europe – for example – it has been proven that music has an effective role in increasing milk production. As it is known from our heritage that camels rejoice at the sound of the shoes, which makes them feed the journey and relieve them of fatigue. Of course, animals are not the only ones affected by music. Studies have shown that music and the arts in general have a strong impact on human psychology and behavior. Whether he is a practitioner or a connoisseur.

Recent years have witnessed a great change in the cultures of peoples. The Corona pandemic (Covid 19) had a significant impact on changing the culture of work and changing societies in general. Music and the arts also played a role in calming the anxiety resulting from the pandemic. Some also used it to entertain themselves and reduce excess stress.

Now that the pandemic is over, the need for something different that helps restore balance to all of us has become an urgent matter. It is known that learning new skills (whatever this skill is) has a positive effect on health in general and neurological and psychological health in particular. Learning music, in particular, is a necessity with the increasing pressures of daily life. Learning music is not only learning a new skill, but music is a new language, which helps the brain to open new neural pathways that help neurological health. Also, music is not only a brain activity, as learning music is followed by learning a specific musical instrument. That is, our bodies also learn new skills, which helps relieve stress and pressure from bodies. If learning music puts you in a new state, it may be the reason for changing a certain mood or psychological state for the better.

Music and societal renaissance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

With the change that the Kingdom is witnessing in terms of education for the arts in general and music in particular, this step has a great future in changing society. Since the psychological effect that will result from openness to learning music and the arts in general is sufficient to change societal behavior in general, and from this standpoint you can imagine the amount of cultural change that learning music will bring about in general education schools, for example. The decision, which is considered a pivotal and historical decision in the Kingdom’s developmental march aimed at building the human being in the first place and raising the level of quality of life for the members of society, To ensure security and community peace, This is in order to achieve the goals of the Kingdom’s Strategic Vision 2030

Teaching music in general education schools is not a luxury or a pastime – as some describe it – but rather an urgent necessity dictated by life’s variables and its accelerating rhythm. And with that noise that has become surrounding our lives from every side. How much we need an hour of serenity, calmness and tranquility in order to rest from the impact of this continuous noise. To resume our daily activities, armed with hope and trust in God, and then in ourselves. How many poets will their talent blossom when they learn the rules of musical rhythms and times? How many creators will translate their creativity into innovative melodies inspired by the huge cultural and artistic heritage that abounds in our Arab and Islamic cultures? Moreover, teaching music according to an integrated educational approach derives from our cultural identity. Helps to preserve cultural identity. As the Arab culture abounds with masterpieces of poetry that were not served artistically. And the artists did not try to touch it. Take, for example, some of al-Mutanabbi’s masterpieces that deserve to be sung in the form of artistic epics and mawwal that have profound wisdom. Which straightens the tongues of students and deepens their linguistic understanding.

Music and arts 2023 is a barrier to challenges

The challenges of the modern age and the nature of the modern lifestyle make it imperative for us, as parents and educators, to fill our children’s spare time with what benefits them. And to find various ways and means to instill confidence in them and give them skills and hobbies that help them discover themselves and achieve their goals in this life. And help them to avoid harmful habits and wrong practices. In addition, occupying children’s time with technical manual skills makes them less likely to become addicted to electronic devices and games. And the accompanying psychological and behavioral diseases, the least of which is to be emotionally detached from reality. And it is not only children who need a weapon to face the challenges at this time. Rather, the parents in the homes each of us contribute to the fabric of this society. We all need what helps us to calm down and psychological peace. We all need fine art for a healthy psychological life, and then for a healthy, refined society.

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