names of musical forms

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names of musical forms

Musical forms are special symbols or signs that determine the length and shortness of the continuity of a tone, i.e. the time value of musical sounds. There are seven shapes. Each shape has a specific name, drawing, and a specific time value in relation to the whole time. She also writes and draws musical forms as follows:

Table showing the names of the musical forms

in arabic in french in english
the rond LA round whole note (Semibreve)
white the white Have note (Minims)
the black (noir) La Noire Quarter-note (crotchets)
the one tooth La crochet Eight-notes(quavers)
bidental Double crochet sixtieth-notes( semiquavers)
triple teeth Tribble crochet Thirty second notes (demisemiquavers)
four teeth Quadrille crochet Sixty four note Hemi demisemiquavers


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