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It is the most important element of music notation and has many defining characteristics, including the following:


The musical score is made up of five parallel horizontal lines with four spaces between them.

– Runway lines and distances are calculated from bottom to top.

The different musical forms are written on it according to their temporal and melodic values.

– writes on the scale from left to right, Thus, the melodic sentences can be obtained based on the mating of musical forms with their temporal values and melodic degrees in the light of the gradation and the natural sequence of a succession of lines and distances.

– The first line represents the heaviest sound in the lines, and the first space represents the heaviest sound in the distances.

Since each line represents a sound and each space represents a sound, The music scale in its current state accommodates nine voices.

– the loudest sound recorded in the first line, And one voted in the fifth line.


The sample below shows the following sample music runway:

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