A course (group) to teach cello a beginner level

1.650,00 ر.س

An audio training course covering the theoretical side of music, at a rate of two hours per week with the instructor for four weeks


  • The program contains an introductory course on introducing the cello instrument. Styles and methods of playing it.
  • Definition of the parts of the cello and the bow (the shape of the cello and the bow and its parts)
  • Definition of a short history of the cello machine.
  • Define instrument placement methods.
  • Definition of how to sit.
  • Definition of using the right hand (holding and using the bow)
  • Definition of using the left hand (fingers and hips)
  • Definition of using the synchronization of the hands together (bow and arch)
  • Playing melodies of songs from the European Arab heritage.
  • The melodies played short, popular songs.


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