Appearance styling workshop

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A two-day workshop to learn how to coordinate the appearance in accordance with personal taste, body nature, and personality

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Appearance styling workshop

Duration 2 Days

Workshop Date:

No. of Seats: 12 Students

Coach Wadha El-Otaybi

The first chapter contains two decisions:
First course: Music rules and theories1. two hours a week, 8 hours a month.
Second course: Musical reading (solfege 1) two hours a week, 8 hours a month.

The tuition fees for the first semester (4000 riyals) are paid in full or in two installments (2000 riyals) per month.
The fees for the first semester are 4000 riyals.

Introduction to fashion through the ages
Style and personality Types of styles known worldwide
Seasons and trends How do I know my style within the variables
Misconceptions about fashion types of sizes
Online shopping and extraordinary benefits

The second semester contains three courses:
First course: Grammar and Music Theories2, two hours a week, 8 hours a month.
Second course: Musical reading 2 (solfege) two hours a week, 8 hours a month.
Third course: Specialization 1 (instrument or singing) two hours per week. 8 hours a month.

The tuition fees for the second semester (5000 riyals) to be paid in full or in two installments, 2500 riyals) per month.

Ways to hide imperfections in the body
Body shapes and what fits each shape basics
Wardrobe How to choose the right abaya Shop smart and choose good pieces
Choosing the right colors for you What is the undertone? And how do I know him?
Make a cupboard that will serve you all year round
confidence and a positive view of yourself and your body, You beautify the pieces


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After successfully completing this program the graduate will be able to:
1. Transcribe and read melodies of Arabic, Saudi and international music.
2. Applying modern technologies in the fields of music, singing and composition.
3. Collecting, classifying and presenting musical instruments and the components of a musical and lyrical composer of all kinds.
4. Participation in musical and singing programs.
5. To highlight the positive aspects of music in the development and promotion of society.
6. Work in accordance with the ethics of the profession and in the spirit of the group.