Singing group choral, chorus

1.650,00 ر.س

Course objectives and outcomes:

  1. Musicians and singers possess basic knowledge in the field of singing.
  2. Preparing qualified musicians and singers in the sciences of music and singing.
  3. Contribute to the development of technical skills.
  4. Contribute to the promotion of public taste.


Singing group choral, chorus course

The program contains an introductory course on introducing singing

  • General definition of sound
  • Definition of the human voice and its types (man/woman/child)
  • Defining the types of singing (group, singles)
  • Definition of folk singing and modern singing.
  • Definition of singing types (choral / chorus / chorus)
today Content Time 10-12 1 – 2 Time 2-4
First day group singing


Definitive input (audio,

+ models

relaxation The human voice and its types + models
the second day


Kinds of Singing Folk Singing

+ models

+ models Types of Choral / Chorus / Chorus Singing + Models
the third day


Closing of the course and distribution of certificates at (10 – 10:30)


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